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MiniMe Factory 3D Studio

The Original Home of the 3D MiniMe

We are a new type of Photo Studio unlike any other one out there. Inspired by 3D technology we have combined 3D Photography with the latest 3D Full Color printing capabilities. Our main goal is to give you an exclusive piece of memory of yourself or your loved ones unlike anything else. All our products are unique just as you are!

In a few words, we make a lifelike 3D replica of you, or your loved ones.

This is done using a modern complex array of 100 high-resolution cameras that snapshot simultaneously, we capture you in 360/3D head to toe from every possible angle. This is the same technology previously only used by CGI studios.
Using all the captures we render your realistic digital 3D model, which undergoes an extensive process of enhancement and augmentation by our professional 3D artists. When the files are ready, we use the latest industrial grade Full True Color 3D Printing Technology to finalize the creations, they are color injected not painted.

The precision of our technique and expertise combined with the latest digital equipment, enables us to create you in an amazingly accurate 3D realism that exceed most others.


Captured, Designed & Printed All in 3D/360

Amazing fun factor for many occasions.

This will impress everyone

Kids & Grownups



Please check out our Gallery, it is continuously updated with more models.

All the products are custom made for you and developed here in America.


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