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3D Capture Do's and Don'ts:

3D works differently than standard photography.

Please review our FAQs particularly item#1-10

1. Recommended:
All kind of bright colors, large patterns and textures work the best. 3D formation works great at producing bright, well defined colors. Clearly defined bright colors will “pop” and look excellent. Having different color of clothing i.e. top bottom, shoes… different layers and patters or a clothing with color variations in it works very well. 

For family and group captures we recommend not wearing the exact same color of clothing to have each person dressed in a different shade of color.

2. Not recommend:
Very light colors or all white or all black clothing. High heels 4" and up "Stiletto", large earrings, highly reflective materials such as patent leather, sequins and glitter, moire and thin pinstripe pattern clothing. Shiny materials like all silk or highly polished leather across a large area. Transparent materials like tulle or thin chiffon, veils. Glasses with subtle frames, or rimless glasses will not work. We recommend not wearing it.


3. Makeup: 

Heavy eye-shadow does not work well for 3D capture. Eyeliner: Avoid heavy, thick and dark colors. 

All other Makeup products such as Mascara, Brow, Lipstick, Foundation, Lashes, are perfectly fine.

4. What should I wear?

You only need to bring or wear the outfit you would like to be captured in. The 3D system analyzes surface details. The more variation it can see, the better the quality of the result.

5. How long does the 3D session take?
The capturing itself takes only about 2 seconds, we preview some of the captured images with you during your session. Advanced appointment is highly recommended to speed up your in-studio process. Book Online

6. Can I bring in my ​Accessories & Props to be captured with me?

Yes, you can. Some limitation plus restrictions and additional charges may apply. Email us with any questions. (Accessory add-on fee will apply)

7. How many people can you 3D capture together?

Ideally groups of no more than 3 but a maximum of up to 5 people depending on the pose is possible.

8. How should I pose?

Generally, if you can hold your pose for about 2-3 seconds that's all it takes.

9. What are the limitations?

You have to be old enough to stand on your own to be captured by yourself. Kids can certainly stand with their guardians or be held in arm (Infants) without any problems.

10. High Definition Render (HDR): It's an extra augmentation step performed manually by our professional 3D artist. This service is added on demand or as required due to pose and or attire. Please note floor length dresses and all gowns including bridal dresses will require this additional digital enhancement starting $99 add-on fee.


11. Can I bring in my pet to get 3D MiniMe of it?
Yes, we always welcome pets, Cats and Dogs only. Online booking is required. Pets are best captured with you and not alone. Pets generally count as people when captured with you, unless they are small, less than ~10lb and are held in arm, in that case only an add-on fee will apply. Please review our Pet Waiver, you are agreeing to it when entering our Studio with your pet. Pet's captured "alone" will have a different scaling and pricing due to the shape of their body. 3D Pets can also be modeled from pictures.

*VIP booking also available for complete privacy and confidentiality. Please contact us for inquiries. 

Studio will be available exclusively to you and your guest. VIP booking fee will apply.

General FAQ:

12. What is the MiniMe figurines material?
The standard material is called sandstone> This is a finely powdered gypsum ceramic like material. They feel similar to a light rock.

13. How much does each MiniMe weigh?
Between 3 - 10 ounces. Could be somewhat more, depending on which size and options you choose.

14. What's the turnaround time?
Production to completion time is estimated around 6 weeks however, we are always doing our best to shorten this time and will update you as soon as your order is available for pickup or delivery. 
Optional rush order also available on request (additional rush fee).

15. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, We can currently ship your order to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

16. Is it safe to be 3D captured?
Yes, it’s the same as having your picture taken with a cell phone or any other photo camera.

The imaging is non-invasive and does not involve use of any sort of rays or waves.

17. Can I buy the raw data file, so I can make an avatar or use as profile picture?
Yes you can. MiniMe Factory® 3D captures are copyrighted. They come in two different formats. RAW and Print Ready. You can purchase both file formats with and or without print order. You will receive a discount if the digital is purchased with a print order. Pricing varies based on size, number of people and order. The mesh file format we produce is an OBJ with MTL and JPG - but this can be converted to a variety of different formats with various software.

18. What is the resolution of the digital picture textures? 
Preview models have a 4k texture. Full resolution (print) models have an 8k texture.

19. Do I get the 3D files to print on my own?
We can provide you with the printable version of the file. (Additional fee will apply)

20. What type of payments do you accept?
Cash plus all major credit cards and Debit cards. No Checks accepted.

21. Do you offer discounts for bulk or corporate orders?
Yes, for large quantities please contact us with your order details to work-out a quote.

22. Can I just get a 3D photo without buying a MiniMe?
Yes. You can get a 3D selfie, full body 3D image rendered 3D files, without buying a print. (Digital products)

23. Can I just send in a photo of me instead of visiting MiniMe Factory 3D Studio in person?
Yes, that is also possible. There will be a conversion fee added to the price plus additional 10 days of required time for completion. Please also note the result of this type of 3D design will solely depend on your provided pictures. It would be best and most efficient if you can visit our Studio to be captured directly in 3D/360 however we understand you may not be able to do so or the person may no longer be available. In that case please contact us: for additional information on picture to 3D conversion options.


24. Does a photo cost more if the photo is old?

We do not determine cost based on the photo's age, but on what it is you would like us to do for you. Only HD enhancements (special request or improved details)(additional rendering work), extra materials (bulky items or people)(Additional Material), Accessories (items in hand or etc)(additional rendering and material), and or adding in missing features or parts (example missing legs or arms). Additional cost varies based on what is requested or needed for your order and can be added on as the situation arises when processing your order.


25. What is HD?

HD or HD Enhancements is an additional rendering process that requires us looking over the entirety of your 3D model and improving its detail based on your request. This can be removing or adding hair, blemishes, weight, improve tattoos, enhance facial features, manipulate hair texture, and the list going on to almost whatever you can imagine. Cost varies based on your request. 


26. Do I need HD? 

No, HD is not needed for any order. It only helps the printer see the smaller details or add the details that weren't present in your scan or picture. 


27. Why am I being charged for additional material?

Our prices are based on the Avg BMI for adults. If you, your clothing, or items, make you exceed that then you will receive an additional material charge. 


28. Why am I paying more than I was quoted for my picture?

We charge what you would like done for your order. If you request a figurine and receive a quote or invoice and then give us a picture reference with incomplete parts like missing body parts, bulky items like wedding dresses, or your 3D model needs additional work. You will receive an additional charge too move forward.  


Any item smaller than approximately ½ inch in diameter may not print with all details.

Items such as small pieces of jewelry, rings, and strings will be visible but with less details.


Extended fingers are usually an exception to this rule when printed as large figurines. Thin objects may also not print well or might be very delicate.


Be aware some details will not be as crisp as in reality. Details of a particular pattern or a tattoo may not be reproduced clearly. We can review all that with you during your visit.


Exact colors/hues of your clothing and skin may not appear exactly as they do in reality, but they’ll come pretty close.


Smaller than 6 MiniMe’s: Please be aware that the nature of small figurines can cause some details to be slightly stylized. This includes very thin parts like a finger pointed in the air. 

Product Care Instructions:​

Your MiniMe is a fragile item so please take good care of it and follow the care instructions.


How fragile are the MiniMe?

We use the latest in 3D printing technique to build the Figurines, layer by layer.

At MiniMe Factory we use 3D Colorjet technology which allows creating models fully colored, using a fine powdered substance that resembles ceramic.
The material is a composite of ceramic like material, "SandStone" that is laid down in full color in 0.1mm layers and then fused during the 3D printing process. Each model takes about 8-10 hours just to print, this does not include the 3D touch-up and file prep which is required prior to printing. Models are inspected by our skilled 3D technician to produce the highest quality possible. The figurines are hollowed where and when possible to keep the material cost manageable. Care and maintenance for each model should be regarded like a porcelain ornament. 3D Models are for decorative purposes only. They are not be used as a toy or given to underage children. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped. In order to keep your model in the best possible condition, models should be kept in a warm, dry environment, prevent exposure to temperatures below freezing and direct sunlight.

What if my MiniMe arrives broken? (If delivery was selected)

Notify our team within 2 days of receiving the model via:

What is your Return/Refund policy?

We have a strict NO RETURN/Refund POLICY.

All of our products offered are custom made, which are created and designed fully based on individual customers thus have no market resell value, as a result, we will NOT ACCEPT the return or exchange of such items.

If you paid for shipping and your order was directly shipped to you broken, damaged during transport, please contact us within 2 days of receiving your products by emailing us at: we’ll do our best to assist with correcting the problem. Terms and Conditions


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