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How to Complete Your Order:
Little 3D Creations


1. Complete your order online and wait for the email confirmation.

2. Reply to the email receipt and attach pictures of your drawing. 

3. We will review it and get back to you for approval.

Our professional team of 3D artists will take the drawing and transform it into a 3D model using 3D illustration software. We then will produce it using a Full Color 3D printer. Pricing may vary depending on models.


Each customized and the whole process takes about 2-3 weeks depending on the model complexity.


The first stage in this process is interpreting the drawing, so please provide us a brief description of each drawing. Objects such as buildings and animals are great. See our samples.


The drawing is cut out and extruded using various digital modelling software. Our artist will soften the shape and apply needed tuning to the 3D mesh to finalize the design before its 3D printed. The Printed material is gypsum powder. Keep in mind the colors are infused to the model according to the design, there is no painting involved, colors are embedded to the material.


There are some minor limitations, such as very thin arms and spiky objects which would break easily, for this reason we ask you to send us 2-3 drawing so we can pick the one that would render the best in 3D. Also note the final model is Not a Toy, they are art objects for parents to cherish, ornamental use only.


The models are finished in a bounding box scale of 3.0”x3.0” inches. This means the final miniature design will not exceed 3 inches by 3 inches in any direction.


Feel free to email us the pictures for assessment.



Little 3D Creations

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